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We handle everything, from commercial and residential roofing, to kitchen, bathroom and home remodeling. Installation of flooring and windows all the way to decks, gutters or siding.

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Are you fed up with an old, leaky roof that’s difficult to repair? Make sure to learn more about the advantages of hiring the right roofing contractor, and what types of projects they are capable of completing. Roofing jobs whether it be residential roofing or comercial can be dangerous. Do not attempt to fix your roof yourself. Proper safety precautions are crucial and should be taken when roofing construction is being done. Even simple roofing repairs can be dangerous. Tri City Maintenance specializes in high quality, affordable roofing in Chesterfield, VA and the surrounding area.

We are a dedicated commercial and residential general contractor. We have you covered, from the roof to your basement, for all of your home remodeling needs including roofing, remodeling, decking, power washing, and more. We use only the most professional tools and take safety steps to protect you and your family as well as our team. We do everything we can to make our customers happy and safe in their homes.

Contact Tri City Maintenance to discuss your requirements regarding our residential and commercial services.

We Specialize In Remodeling In Chesterfield, VA And The Surrounding Areas.

Home Remodeling, Roofing, and Decking Projects in the Chesterfield Area


More than a roofing company

More than a roofing company We’re more than just a Roofing company! We can provide all types of construction, including additions, new kitchens or…

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Tri City Maintenance Is A Trusted Remodeler Servicing Chesterfield, VA And The Surrounding Areas.