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Indoor Roof Inspection

Following is a checklist of problem warning signs you can look for during indoor roof inspections.


Inspecting a roof from the outside is very simple. All that is needed is a good viewing point that is unobstructed by getting on the rooftop. Following is a checklist of problem warning signs we look for during an outside roof repair inspection report.

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Professional Roof Repair Services

Roof repairs can be required for many reasons, including missing shingles or damaged chimney flashing. No matter what the reason, it is important to find the right roofing company that can fix the problem. Our roof repair team has years of experience locating the cause of leaks and repairing roofs to like-new condition.

Common Roof Repairs

Why Us?

There are many roof leak repair products on the market, but not all of them perform as well as they should. This can lead to frustration and even worse: how do you get the leak fixed? It’s much easier to talk to professionals, those who are experts, who do it every day.
Over the years, Tri City Maintenance and Roofing has been able to help with many roof leak repairs. Some in the worst of conditions. It’s better to call us than to risk climbing up a ladder in the rain to find the leak.
We will visit you no matter where you live to provide a cost estimate for your roof leak repair. In many cases, it might be cheaper than trying to fix it yourself. You will be ready for any deluge with our low rates and prompt service.

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