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Tile Roofing

Although tile roofs are most common in New Mexico and Arizona, they are also becoming more popular in Virginia. We are proud to serve every area of central Virginia at Tri City Maintenance and Roofing, so that homeowners can enjoy the benefits of a tiled roofing system. Here are some of the benefits:

Different Types Of Tile Roofing Materials

There are many roofing materials. Even within one type of roofing material, there are many. Tiled roofing materials can be made of metal, concrete clay, ceramic, and other composite materials. You can mix different materials to achieve the look you want. Every type of roofing material has its advantages, so make sure to talk with our roofing experts about which one might work best for you.

A slate roof will give your home a classy look

For hundreds of years, slate has been used for roofing. Classic homes and manors are buildings with the timeless beauty and grandeur that is slate. Our slate experts will give your home the same slate roof that people have loved for centuries.
To preserve their appearance and long life span, slate roofs need to be maintained. As with any other thing that lasts 100 years, it takes some work to keep it looking good. Since 1989, our experienced staff has been maintaining slate roofs throughout Virginia. Tri City Maintenance and Roofing is your local slate expert for repairs to your slate roof.

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