Inspecting a roof from outside is very simple. All is needed is a good viewing point that is unobstructed by getting on the rooftop. Following is a checklist of problem warning signs we look for during an outside roof repair inspection report.

1. Blistered, curled or split shingles.
2. Loose or missing shingles or tiles.
3. Loose nails
4. Expose nails (can lead to leaks in the roof)
5. Dark patches on asphalt shingles and /or large amounts of granules in the rain gutters (the granular coating is wearing away)
6. Sagging either on the ridges or in the center of the roof.
7. Broken or loose shingles at the ridgelines and hip lines.
8. Rusty or corroded metal (flashing) and loose shingles in the valleys, plumbing vents or near chimneys. It may be necessary to remove excess debris and leaves to inspect thoroughly (and lots of leaf debris can cause damage to these sensitive areas of the roof)
9. Rusty metal or loose shingles in locations where a vertical side of the house meets the roof.
10. Overflowing gutters or excess water pooling near the foundation of the house.
11. For flat roofs, look for blisters (pop the blisters with a knife and coat them with roofing cement to prevent further damage), depressions near vent pipes (can also be filled with roofing cement), separations in flashing, and clogged drains.