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Concrete Refined

No material is better than no flooring material. Polished concrete is a great choice for existing or new concrete.

What we offer


Concrete floors are strengthened and revitalized by our polished concrete process. This process has been transforming concrete floors into beautiful, strong, and durable surfaces.


Concrete can be ground to remove any old coatings or carpet glue.

You’ve made the decision to install epoxy flooring in your business. You now need to apply epoxy flooring correctly. Although this may seem like a straightforward task, you need to prepare your floor properly in order for your floor to look exactly how you wanted it to. It is important to hire a professional.


Our densifiers create a productive, durable working surface that is easy to clean and free from dust.

We prefer the Ashford Formula, Retro-plate and Euclid diamond Hard, but can also install any other densifier that meets architectural specifications.


The fast track grind and seal concrete system can quickly clean and seal an old concrete floor to create a beautiful, clean surface.

The concrete is protected by epoxy and urethane sealing agents that give it a matte or gloss finish.

Why polish concrete?

Polish concrete is a high gloss finish that can be achieved using special floor polishers equipped with diamond abrasive discs (similar to Sandpaper) to smoothen and shine surfaces.

Concrete polishing improves concrete’s natural beauty. Concrete polishing is a process that involves densifying concrete with impregnated binders and grinding with diamond tools to achieve a high gloss floor. It is both beautiful and durable. This floor is extremely low-maintenance and can be stained or dyed to replicate the appearance of polished stone.

Polished concrete is ideal for use in old and new concrete. It can transform ordinary concrete into an infinite number of colors and designs.

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